Field Tryp: Finca Fitor (Empordà)

We will be visiting Finca Fitor, a 1,000 year-old rural property in one of the biggest privately-owned forest estates in Catalonia. Property is located at the heart of the mountain massif of Gavarres.

Fitor is a 1,000-hectare, private, fenceless forest estate, a paradigm of the Mediterranean coastal forest, located in the golden triangle of Empordà (Girona, Spain). All in a Natura 2000 area. The vocation of the property is to make it reach, with vitality, new generations, facilitate its social enjoyment and spread its historical-cultural wealth.

Its conservation is supported by passionate, active and certified forest management, a network of 150 km of strategic extraction routes. Management that has always prioritized the balance of all its values, collaborating with universities and research centers, and being a reference for responsible management.

Collaboration: CTFC, CREAF